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Real Estate Services

Additional resources and services to make your team better.

Our efforts to add value to your team never stop.  As an accommodation, we also provide our clients with services that are not directly title insurance.  These services include but are not limited to:

Cooperative Apartment Search
This search is performed against the names of the owners of a particular unit, the cooperative corporation, and the purchasers (if any) in the following indices:

  • Judgments

  • Federal tax liens

  • UCC financing statements at the County level

If requested, a UCC Financing Statement search can be performed at the State level.

Last Owner Search
When provided with the premises location, we will determine the name(s) of the record owner(s) and provide a copy of the last deed of record.

Last Owner and Lien Search
When provided with the premises location, we will determine the name(s) of the record owner(s), search it to-date and ascertain whether any liens exist against the premises and owner(s) in the following indices:

  • Mortgages

  • Judgments

  • Mechanics liens

  • UCC financing statements

  • Federal tax liens

  • Lis pendens

UCC Financing Statement Search
A search for UCC Financing Statements against a given name or names with addresses. This can be performed at either the County or State Level.

Foreclosure Search
An examination of title is performed from the day prior to the date the mortgage being foreclosed was recorded to date. A complete tax search is included.

Judgment Search
A search for judgments and federal tax liens is performed against a given name(s).

Zoning Lot/Parties in Interest Certification (NYC) (aka Zoning Lot Exhibits)
A certificate for recording and New York City Building Department purposes which certifies the parties in interest and tax lot status of a particular parcel.

A search for bankruptcy filings against a given name in the federal bankruptcy courts.

Condominium Services
Title backup documents including current title reports, specimen unit policies and related items in connection with submission to the New York State Attorney General's Office.

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