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Title Report Services

What you receive from working with the best.

We offer a full title examination with Tax Search, and Municipals if required. 

The title examination includes searches in the following County Clerk or City Register indices:

  • Grantee/grantor Mortgagee/mortgagor

  • Judgments (including Parking Violations Bureau and Environmental Control Board in NYC only)

  • Federal tax liens

  • Lis pendens

  • UCC financing statements (and upon specific request at the Secretary of State)

  • Mechanics liens

  • Bankruptcy

The tax search provides the following information:

  • Municipality in which premises is located

  • School district

  • Assessed valuation

  • Assessed owner

  • Type of tax

  • Amount of tax

  • Lien and due dates

  • Water charges if any tax liens if any

  • Special assessments if any

As an additional service to clients and upon request, All New York Title Agency obtains municipal departmental searches that provide the following information.

Certificate of Occupancy
A report of all filed Certificates of Occupancy, Compliance or Completion as well as open building permits.

If requested, a "pre-date" letter can be obtained from municipalities offering such service.

Housing and Building Department Violation Search
A report of all pending violations of record with the housing and building departments in the municipality.

Fire Department Violation Search
A report of all pending violations of record with the local fire department.

Street Report
A determination of whether the street is public or private.

Emergency Repair Lien Search
A report from municipal records of costs incurred by departments within a municipality with regards to emergency repairs.

Extended Municipal Searches (NYC only)
Department of Highways, Air Resources, Fuel Oil Burner, Vault Search and Landmark Searches.

Flood Search
A determination of the property's location in relation to established flood plains.

Patriot Act Search
A search of names pursuant to federal anti-terrorism law to satisfy due diligence requirements.

Bankruptcy Search
A search for bankruptcy filings against a given name in the federal bankruptcy courts.

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