Dollar Bills

Current Charges

Know exactly what fees we charge.

ACRIS E-Tax/Westchester PREP/Transfer Tax Forms

Creation of Transfer Tax documents

$150.00 per set of forms ordered.

Articles of Organization

Copies of articles of organization for a specific entity


Bankruptcy Search

A search for bankruptcy filing(s) against a person or entity.


Certificate of Good Standing

A state-issued document that shows that your corporation or limited liability company (LLC) has met its statutory requirements and is authorized to do business in that state.


Certified Copies of Recorded/Filed Documents

Price varies.  Please contact our office for a quote.


Continuation Search(es)

Searches ordered to update the title report which are not required as part of the closing process.


Corporate Franchise Tax Report

July 12, 2025


Entity / Individual Name Search

A search of the entity or individual person(s) in a chosen County Clerk.

$50.00 per entity or name searched per County.

Full / Extended Municipal Search (available in NYC only)

Tax, Certificate of Occupancy, Housing & Building, Fire Department, Street, Emergency Repair, Highway, Air, Fuel Oil, Landmark, and Flood searches.


Full Municipal Search (Nassau/Suffolk only)

Tax, Certificate of Occupancy, Housing & Building, Fire Department, Street,  and Emergency Repair searches.


Full Municipal Search (Westchester and Upstate Counties)

Tax, Certificate of Occupancy, Housing & Building, Fire Department, and Street searches.


Patriot Act Search

A search of a specific entity or individual  against the Patriot Act List


Recording/Filing Document Fee

A fee charged to handle the processing of documents to be recorded or filed.

$25 per document

Survey Inspection

A survey inspection of the property.  Subject to availability.

$75.00 + TBD (examiner fee)

Title Closer - Excess Attendance Charge

The additional hourly charge of the closer for closings in excess of two (2) hours.

$100.00 per hour

Title Closer - "Pickup" Fee

The fee charged by the title closer to handle a payoff.

$250.00 (initial payoff) and $200.00 each additional payoff

UCC Financing Statement Search

A search per entity or individual at the County or Secretary of State (or similar jurisdiction) level

$50.00 per name per jurisdiction

Zoning Lot Certification

July 12, 2025